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Welcome to my Website

I'm an educator, journalist and author, published in print, broadcast, and online media. Currently, I teach Strategic Communications at National University in Los Angeles, which includes such courses as new media technologies, transmedia story-making and story-telling, persuasion, and the theory and practice of communication.

My resume and a few examples of my work are on this site. Click on the appropriate links to download articles and papers I've written and to view videos I've produced, shot, and edited. The Baghdad Stories are outtakes from video that I shot on assignment in Iraq in 2003 for an ABC Nightline show. These never-aired stories of a few of the people I met there meant a lot to me and resonated long after the daily headlines. I enjoyed making them...let me know what you think.

---Joan Van Tassel


You can reach me at 310.254.7511

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"Dancing Girl," original oil painting by Guy Paul